Young Curators Online

Welcome to the home of the Young Curators Online, a project run by UCL Anthropology to develop skills around and critical engagement with museums and collections.

Young Curators Online consists of:

A free course, aimed at KS5 students (A-Level), in which students are encouraged to learn about curating and collections, think critically about the role objects play in knowledge-making, historical interventions and political movements which gives students the skills to become collectors and curators of their own lives.

The Museum of COVID-19 a crowd sourced digital collection of objects that narrate the young people’s experience of Covid-19.

If you would like to contribute to the Museum of COVID-19 without taking the course, please click on the Contribute Tab above and fill the required fields.

The development of this site and course has been supported by UCL Culture Listen and Respond initiative and by UCL Widening Participation to engage students in London and around the world to explore the ways in which museums, exhibitions and collections can help us to collect and understand our lives during the global pandemic. This course has been created in collaboration with student consultants from St. Paul’s Way Trust School in East London, the team at UCL AnthroSchools, the curators of the UCL Ethnographic Collection and students on the Msc Digital Anthropology.