Contribute to the Collection

Museum of COVID-19 is a crowd-sourced online collection of objects that are meaningful to young people during the coronavirus lockdown.

To contribute to the Museum of COVID-19, please fill out the form below. Alternatively, you can also take our free Young Curators Online course to learn more about collections, exhibitions and museums from our experts at UCL Anthropology. Click here to enrol.

If you want to contribute without taking the course you can upload an image of your object (or an image or video that IS the object) using the form below. We have put in some prompts but imagine you are the curator of the museum. You can write about why you have chosen this object to include in the Museum of COVID-19. Make sure to include:

Your Name

The Name of the Object

Place/Location: Where is the object? What place is it associated with?

Owner: Who does this object belong to?

Time: What time period is this associated with?

Dimensions: How Large is the object?

Materials: What materials is the object made of?

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